Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life Moves On!

What a cray summer! It isn'tthat we did alot of stuff, but just lots of stuff happening to us haha. So Live moves on for us all! What a great thing to be alive!
SO the latest! My oldest son was relased from his service mission on this past Sunday, and so we instantly got him ready for college, and that was quite the expeience haha. 2 days of waiting in lines and filling out tons of forms! But we gathered the las of the information they needed and he is allregisteed! YAY He is going to SLCC and plans ot majr in Chemistry! We shall see how that goes lol.
Today was the first ay of school for my younger two sons and thy loved it! The nice part is their Special Education team did a great job putting together their schedues and my Senior ahs some fun classes and is so excited! He gets to take ceramics even! Lucky Guy! Wher was that class when I was in High School? He also gets to take two dedicated study skills classes so that the SPED team can work with him individually so he can understand the subjects and get his work tured in, yay again!
My youngest is in choir & band along with Alg. 2, Language Arts (my favorite, his least haha), biology, etc. They are both taking Seminary and love it. I am so grateful for a great SPED department that takes a look at each child individually and takes their stregths nto consideration. :) Well, there is more to say, but I find I am lacking in time. Kids are home and as my dear friend Carolyn has stated, the paperwork begins! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, it has been some time since I have blogged, and for that I apologize. I do not have a good reason so I won't take up space making one up. haha. I wanted to get peoples opinions on a specific topic. I will explain why I am putting the question out there in a bit.
I am asking people about limitations. What are peoples limitations? Does anyone reading this have a limitation? Who or what defines our limitations? Is your limitation real or imagined? Is it put upon you by others or do you put it on your self?
I believe we all have limitations, we are mortal after all. Some limitations can be limits on our education, or limitations on finances. Other times limitations are more fuzzy, limitations such as whether or not someone can do something. Or, whether someone believes in themselves or not. I understand that we all have to understand what our limitations are and if they are moveable. What do I mean by moveable? Well, let's say our limitation is eduction, we don't have the opportunity to obtain education through the College/University setting due to financial reasons. Well, can that be changed? In my opinion it can, we can always read books or listen to them to educate ourselves on various topics. Attend workshops on various subjects of interest, etc.. That is what I mean by moveable. We change our limitaion of education by educating ourselves, looking outside the box in otherwords.

What if your limitation is a disability? For example I will use me. I am blind and in January I had a flair up in my back that led to a diagnosis of permanent damage to my disks and vertrae. So this is limiting isn't it? OF course it is. But the quesiton is how and is it a moveable limitation? OK, I probably won't be climing Mt Everest! That is a definate "do not do". However there have been blind people who have scaled Everest and otehr mountains as well. So for them they removed that limitation. I recieved an education and obtained a bachelor's degree in December of last year. I did that despite my vision loss, so I moved the limitation so that I could obtain my educaiton.
Now, why do I bring all this up? Lately I have been trying to educate people on Asperger Syndrome, which is what my middle child has. There is to be a 3 day trek in short period of time and He wants to go. I have no problem with him going for he has done it before. He is pretty high functioning in the hiking and outdoors. Well, other people in my church are saying they are gravely concerned. They fear he may have a melt down or something devastating and noone could help.
Now, this is a limitation others are putting on my son. So, as you may see I am not really happy about it. I am working on this the best way I can and trying to educate others on his ABILITIES NOT HIS DISABILITEIS!!! Ok now that I have that off my chest, how do I remove this limitation? I think I will print out some information and give it to my leaders on Sunday and hope that they will listen to the one person who knows him the best. IF that doesn't work, then he doesnt' go. I know that the Lord loves my son very much and He knows him the best too. My son really wants to go and I am praying that things will settle with a positive step in understanidng and not limiting one's potential.
Please give me your thoughts. Have a Great day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring is Here! Well, there is snow on the ground and temps are only in the 40's today, it is still Spring! WOOHOO! I love spring, the flowers, the green trees, the grass growing! That goes with the allergies, runny eyes, stuffy noses lol. I wanted to update my blog since it has been a couple months since doing so.
Life is pretty good, I am feeling better and don't have to be in the wheelchair all the time, which is a blessing indeed. My oldest is undergoing some health challenges, but I am hopeful he will have a full recovery soon. He still tries to go to his mission on days he is up to to it which is a great blessing to us all. My middle child has gone through his Junior year with ups and downs like all teenage boys. We had his transition IEP and I'll write about that another time. My youngest has improved alot in his attendance at school and I am grateful for that! He auditioned for the high school's mens choir and hopefully we will find out soon if he made it or not! i am pleased that he would have the courage (even with his autism) to stand before an entire group and sing. So cool!
My two children who have Autism/Asperger's face many challenges as so do many others who don't have these disorders. Some of the things that seem to make things worse is when they are sick or tired. So I have to truly pick my battles and practice patient when this occurs.
Spring is here and the days of heavy snow, bitter temperatures and shivvering bodies are over. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, teh grass is growing and trees are budding! Spring is alive and so am I I am so happy to feel the sun on my face, Not too hot, and not too cold! :) Have a great day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rollin around!

Well, it's been a while since I last posted anything and figured it was about time! :) I have been rollin around in my brand spankin "used/rented" wheelchair for a month now and have enjoyed the incresased freedom that allowed. It is interesting how difficult it is to even roll in and out of our driveway or down the sidewalk. Does anyone remember when they were young, finding any drive way that had a good grade to it and coasting their bike down or their skate board? The wind in our hair and no thoughts of crash and burn?? I know I did and I loved it. Well, know those hills aren't so much fun going up or down in a wheelchair haha. My kids have been awesome at pushing me around and going up our drive way is a "grunt and push experience for them. GOing down is a "hold on for dear life" experience for all of us. haha. Someitmes it is still fun but yeah too fast and the wheelchair tries to tip and well, that is not fun haha. Speaking of tipping wheelchairs.....
The other night my children and I went for a stroll around our apartments, I was in my chair and the dog was on my lap, (yes he really did go for a joy ride in my wheelchair!) and we decided we would go over to Arctic to get some ice cream for a treat. SO we went back to the apartment and normally my son puts the brakes on the chair so I do go backwords. Well he didn't and My oldest was standing holding onto the dogs leash about 5 feet away. all of a sudden I start going backwards and the two kids are yelling at eachother to get me and they both have excuses that they can't. So I screamed as the wheelchair starts tipping off the curb. Then just when I was bracing for a massive headache, the chair stopped as one wheel was on the dub and one was in the parking spot. I was at the oddest angle haha. But the Lord protected me and I was able to laugh about it after I got after the kids for their lack of safety concerns haha. I am grateful for the opportunity to laugh and not have a headache!
I went ot a specialist a ocuple weeks ago and they found that I had Sever degeneration disc disease and two vertabraes that are trying to fuse together. This has led to the imovility and pain that I have experienced. So, the problem is the doc perscribed me a wheelchair so I wouldn't have to fork out another $120. The doctor faxed over the perscription along with the clinic notes and the insurance refused to pay for one. Their reason? Now htis is funny, The clinic notes said I could walk 5 feet. That is it, they want the notes to say I am home bound and unable to take one step. They dont' get that 5 feet doesn't get you very far. haha. I was so mad I actually wanted to break something, but I restrained myself, and talked to a good friend instead haha. I am grateful I didn't give into my fit of temper haha. Today is a beautiful day and a friend of mine is fronting me the money to rent one so I don't have to go without. I have started physical therapy and I am anxious for me to be able to do it without pain. IT will take time though. 4 weeks of phyiscal therapy (in the pool) and stretches at home will hopefully help build up the muscles around the damaged areas so that I can start walking again. This problem won't go away but if I can get it under control by loosing ALOT of weight it will help. Then I can find a nice man and well... that might be stretching it haha. Their are alot of nice men in the world, they just happen to be married. :) OH well, I am happy anyway, things are looking up.
Just remember when you are putting in concrete to make it even and level and please shovel sidewalks so that I can get down the sidewalks!
Have a great day!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Most of us have felt compassion for others. Compassion is a natural gift we have recieved from our Heavenly Father. Although some people have less compassion than others, it is in all of us.
Well, I have felt compasssion for others throghout my life, whether it be a family member who is ill or someone I see on the news. Compassion comes from Love I believe. It also comes from personal experiences.
Lately, I have undergone a trial with my back. I have had moments whre I can notmove at all. Not even a muscle for pain was so intense. I have had difficulty in bathing, toileting, walking, bendign, stretching, reaching, etc... I have tried to remain positive during this ordeal for I feel that negativity just breeds negativity and people really don't want to hear about it. Well, I found out yesterday what was going on with my back. It may require surgery, but I'm going to do everything I can to not have to have surgery. Anyway, I was feeling down all day yesterday. Then I relized someting as I listened to our neighbors getting on the paratransit bus this morning. I have a group home close to us. The indivicuals that live there have multiple disabilities. They recieve full time care. They use wheelchairs just to be able to move around at all. Someone has to feed them, bathe them, etc...
I realized that I understood them more than ever before. My condition will eventually improve I am hopeful. The wonderful neighbors will not unless the Lord heals them.
Some say, I have gonen through so much all ready now this how can I stand it? Well the answer is I don't always, but I do try to find out how I can learn from things I go through.
I am so thrilled that the Lord is so giving and kind and that he gives us opportunities to learn and love and therefor improve our compassion for others.
People have ehlped me with getting my wheelchair, dropping us off places, etc... how kidn people are. Thank you Lord! :) Have a good time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is what we make of it!

Have you ever wondered why me? Why is this happeneing to me? What did I do to deserve this? Well, I have an answer! It's called life. I know, I know I am over simplifying it but it really does boil down to just life! We all have challenges, trials, adversity in our lives. Some of us seem to have more than others. But that is just it. I have come to the realization that life presents it's challenges and we each have a specific set of challenges that is meant to help us grow somehow.
I am constantly in awe of someone's courage as they face a major life change, or when adversity strikes and they have a smile on their face. this happened here in Salt Lake just this past weekend. 2 beautiful little girls ages 4 and 1 1/2 died due to pesticide that was sprayed to close to their house. The parents came out and said they forgive the person who did it wrong and felt bad for them. They are still in deep mourning obviously, but that they would reach out to someone during their own tim eof grief is a testiment to me that life is what we make of it.
Some people know of the trial that has beset me this past 10 days or so, but not everyone. IT has been difficult to be in chronic pain day after day, night after night, but I am still happy. I am so blessed and the Lord has poured out his blessings upon me. Yes, I still have difficulties with kids sometimes, but overall the kids have been very compassionate and sorta helpful haha. Can't get them to take out the garbage or do the dishes but hey, they have helped me move around without complainign too much haha.
Life is a gift from the Lord, and it is my responsibility ro make the most of it. I can sit and wallow in self pity, which does happen once in a blue moon or two, or we can put a smile on our face and do the best we can. Like the hymn goes: When upon lifes billows you are tempest tost, and you are discouraged thinking all is lost, Count your many blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done."
I know life is hard, and right now I know that very well, but yesterday while at teh hospital, my youngest son, Charles, wanted to get somethign to eat for us at teh cafeteria, so he wheeled me in and I had exaclty 6.75. It was enough to get to hamburgers, no fries or drinks but I was happy we could get anything at all. As we ordered the man asked if we wanted fries with our burgers and we said no thanks, short on cash today. He smiled and said he knew what that was like. Then he gave us our burgers and said, I gave you fries but just pay for the burgers. So we went to teh cash register and the lady rang us up for one combo meal. She said that someone had boughten one combo meal for me. So I had enough to get Charles combo. It was a simple gesture that meant alot ot me. Charles was so good about helping me. He wheeled me around at frightening speeds, and loved to stop just in time to avoid a major disaster, haha but he made sure I had everything I needed. He was awesome. I am so proud. So here I am in teh midst of pain and agony, and the Lord still pours out his blessings on me. Can you see it? If I was only wallowing in self doubt and pity all the itme, then I couldn't see the good that is around me.
I still have my moments, but I am so grateful for a kind and loving Lord. :)
Life is good. I have decided to look at it that way!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Story Time!

Story Time Ladies and Gentlemen. I have been given permission to tell this story in it's entirety. THis goes with how people adapt to any situation.
It starts when a boy named Doyle and a girl named Jo met and fell in love back in the 40's. They married and built their dream home on the banks of a canal that leads to Lake Oswego, Oregon. They bought themselves a nice little boat and started a beautiful life! Soon 3 boys came into the picture and they grew up boating, fishing, water skiing, tubing, and loving life on the lake. As the kids grew up and left home Jo wanted to invest in a nice jacuzzi tub. Doyle loving his wife installed one and soon realized that he was not allowed to enjoy it. It was Jo's! He let her enjoy it and secretly wished he could enjoy it! Well several years ago, Jo developed some drastic health problems and within a couple months Doyle's beloved JO passed on to meet the Lord. Doyld kept on living and decided he would enjoy life to it's fullest, traveles all over the world, and when his health has gotten to a point where he requires a scooter, he got the best! he has traveled to Egypt, Argentina, Europe, Lithuania, etc...
One of the things he enjoys is sitting in the jacuzzi tub that so long was denied him. Well has his health deteriorated and his mobility was extremely limited, he found he could get into the tub but could not get out. So he had to have his former daughter in law or grandson come and get him out of the tub. He is a very independant man and this relying on others was not to his liking. So he went ot his oldest son Larry, and said, "hey, let's create a wenching system" The first thingthat went through Larry's mind was seeing his naked father haning by a wench in mid air. Funny, but not comforting thought. So Larry put it off, for the safety of his father. Well Doyle was not going to put up with delays. So he got in his car and drove to Lowe's. Well, he didn't want to get out of the car by the time he got there. SO, he saw someoen drive upa nd he called out his window, "hey, can you help me?" He handed a man money and said, go buy me a wenching system. To the guys credit he was honest and kept coming out to Doyle to ask him various questions and eventually bought him a wenching system and even got him a discount! So know Larry had to put it in. So he did, and sure enough Doyle just wraps a strap around him, the wench helps him get to his knees and then up to the hside of the tup just enough to get him out on his own!! He is happy and Larry is thrilled that his dad is not hanging in the air naked!
We in teh world of disabiliteis calls that adaptive equipment. Doyle calls it a a means to an end. He wanted to live more independantly and so he is!
True story!